Newcastle Lawn Service Prices

Beore and After of Initial Price Service

Newcastle Lawn Service Prices

Pricing in Newcastle for Lawn Services

Although it is hard to be able to say how much your individual job will cost due to size and length variations – the average well kept lawn in Newcastle comes to around $70 -$75 per service. We have come to this number after servicing well over 1000 customers in the Newcastle area!

As mentioned, prices will vary greatly depending on things like yard size, grass length, obstacles hidden within the lawn and how overgrown your edges are. We have tried to come up with some price estimates for you. We still need to come in to verify if the price works for you – ask us for a free quote HERE.

Residential Lawn Prices

Initial Cuts:

Initial Cuts will vary greatly on a per job basis and is estimated per hour with a tip fee if you want us remove the Green waste. We have found an average lawn with grass up to about knee height will cost around $200 without Green waste removal, and $250 with Green waste removal.

Ongoing Services:

Ongoing services for the average lawn across all our residential clients has come to an average of $70-$75 per service. We have jobs as low as $30 and as high as $120 depending on lawn size and location.

This means our price is a bit cheaper than the average service in Australia according to some sites:

You should check out our Google Reviews to see what quality we deliver, even with such a competitive price!


Hedging is even harder to estimate than lawn servicing! Everyone of our customers has unique needs and a different amount of hedging to get done. That said, the average across all of our jobs has come to a price of $80-90 per service if maintained 3-4 times a year.

Commercial & Acreage Service Prices

Unfortunately for our Commercial and Acreage jobs we will need to come in and see on an individual basis. Each job varies too much to get a meaningful average.

Call us, Email us or go through our website HERE for a quote!

At Lawncraft Newcastle, we are proud of our highly appreciated job quality and our customer service. We strongly believe that the testimonials of our past clients are proof of that! You can check out our google reviews over the years HERE to see what we mean.

If you are still unsure whether we would be the right fit, check out some examples below or our GALLERY to see what we deliver!