Terms and Conditions

Quotes and General Service

  • Lawncraft Newcastle reserves the right to refuse service, change prices, or services offered without notice.
  • By agreeing to go ahead with a quote, you give us permission to access your property as required to complete the work.
  • Lawn cuts that are spaced more than 3 weeks apart in peak season (September-April) and 5 weeks apart in off-peak season (May-August) may incur a extra charges for overgrown grass
  • Unless you have specified otherwise, green waste may/will be disposed in your green bin if you have one available with adequate space.
  • Payment terms are 3 days.

Property Damage

What we cover:

  • Damage due to staff negligence (all damage that results from staff operating equipment in an inappropriate manner)
  • Damage due to equipment malfunction

What we don’t cover:

  • Objects left on lawn
  • Normal wear and tear (i.e paint chipping, wearing of stone/fence palings/edges)
  • Damage done to worn property not resulting from negligence (i.e old plastic breaking, rusted structures, rotten wood)